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About Me

Hi fellow traveler! My name is Terri Weeks and I am the founder of Big Rock Travel.

I am a certified travel advisor and I want to help you achieve your travel goals and make some precious memories with your loved ones.
Do you have a long list of places you want to visit? Have you found that there are too many options on the internet and not enough time to sort through them? That’s where I can help.
I listen to your travel dreams and then I sort through the noise so you don’t have to. I use my professional knowledge and network to craft an itinerary that is just right for you. I book the elements of your trip using only the suppliers that I trust.
Before you leave, I put all the information in a handy mobile app. Then you get to make some incredible memories with your loved ones without all the stress. And if you run into any problems, I’m here to help.



Let’s face it. As much as you may love to travel, planning all the details of travel is time-consuming. You are juggling many other priorities in your life, so let me help with this one. Any questions? Send me a message.


Why Work with a Travel Advisor?
“I can just book it myself on the internet, right?” Well, yes, you certainly can. But with so many options on the internet, it is easy to become overwhelmed.
Professional travel advisors today do much more than making reservations. We are advisors that take the time to understand your particular needs and craft a personalized travel experience for you.
A travel advisor provides consistency throughout the planning process—you talk to the same person every time. And in the unfortunate event that you should run into problems during your travels, I’m here to help you resolve those problems.



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