10 Adventures in Antigua and Barbuda

10 Adventures in Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is a country in the West Indies that consists of two major islands along with several smaller islands.

I wrote this article just before leaving for a Caribbean cruise that includes Antigua. Unfortunately, our stop in Antigua was canceled because of Covid, so I didn’t get to visit after all. 🙁

Nevertheless, I wanted to share the original ten adventures I researched.


Round Island Tour

The tour consists of traveling across the island of Antigua to Nelson’s Dockyard National Park. You won’t want to miss the view from Shirley Heights, a restored military lookout and gun battery. Clarence House is a 19th century home that has been restored and is now a museum. The Blockhouse Ruins that were once officer’s quarters overlook the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors can also see the English Harbor and more on the tour. There are numerous sailing and yachting events along with other historical attractions in the park to explore.


Yacht Racing

Past the snorkeling tours and fishing trips, yacht racing will get your adrenaline pumping like no other. It is a great way to enjoy the open sea and engage in the Antiguan culture. You’re able to either sit back and watch the action or be part of the fun.


Beach Massage

Enjoy a relaxing massage at the Valley Church beach. The gentle sea in the background is set to enhance the soothing experience. Soft tropical noises and gentle breezes reinvigorate your senses as you receive your massage treatment. It’s a great way to relax and rest.


Zipline Canopy Adventure

Soar through the Antigua rainforest and get an aerial view of the fruit trees, vines, and wildlife in this action-packed experience. The canopy course will include a series of ziplines with rope challenge elements and suspension bridges. Guides will be available to assist in guaranteeing safety and maximum enjoyment. It’s a perfect way to challenge yourself and get a chance to see a view that you can’t get anywhere else.


Runaway Beach

Relax or explore the breathtaking getaway trip to Runaway Beach. You can gain access to exciting activities, including snorkeling, swimming, or kayaking in the bay, or just a chance to relax on the lounge chair. Enjoy a cocktail infused with Caribbean fruit while gazing at the coconut palm trees and the pearl-sanded beach.


Stingray Fantasy Antigua

Swim with the stingrays and have the memories of a lifetime. The playful marine creatures are perfectly tame to swim with and feed. This is a fantastic way to interact with the local marine life in Antigua.


Snorkel Cruise

Enjoy the crystal blue waters as your snorkel by the reefs. You can see much of the marine life within just two miles, including barracudas, eels, and countless colorful corals.


Jeep Safari Tour

Experience the island by Land Rover Jeeps as you learn about Antigua’s history. The tours will be taken to inaccessible areas around the island, granting you the best views. You’ll gain historical knowledge and enjoy a breathtaking view of sights like Falmouth Harbor, Potworks Dam and Reservoir, and Betty’s Hope Historic Sugar Plantation.


Cooking with Rum

Imagine cooking with a stunning view overlooking the Caribbean Sea. This cooking class will discuss the history and influence of rum on Antigua’s culture and cuisine. Be prepared for a great view and a unique hands-on experience of Caribbean cooking.


St. John’s Sightseeing

Discover the beauty within the city at St. John’s, the largest city in Antigua. Tours take you through the most popular spots in the capital city including Heritage Quay, the town center, and local markets. There are countless vendors allowing duty-free shopping and a wide selection of local and designer products available.


There are just so many options in Antigua and Barbuda. Whether you stay on the island or visit by cruise ship, you won’t get bored. Does this look like a destination you’d like to visit? I would love to help you plan a trip. Read about how my services work here.

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