10 Interesting experiences in San Diego

10 Interesting experiences in San Diego

California is a big state with many varied destinations to choose from. An excellent place to start exploring California is where its history began: San Diego.

San Diego is one of first spots where Europeans stepped ashore on the entire west coast, making it the birthplace of California. For that reason, it is rich in history. San Diego also has a laidback style that will allow everyone to find something to do that they enjoy.

Here are 10 ideas of interesting places and experiences you can find in San Diego.


1. San Diego Beaches


You can’t make a trip to California and not visit the beaches, and San Diego is no exception. The water is perfect for swimming, surfing, and lounging around reading a good book. If you’re looking for relaxation, San Diego has the beaches for you. Pacific Beach, La Jolla Shores Beach, and Sunset Cliffs are a few popular options.


2. LEGOLAND California


At LEGOLAND, everyone in the whole family can let their creativity and imagination run wild. Take in the movies, interactive rides, and LEGO designs. You can even try your hands at your own LEGO creations at any number of building activities.


3. Balboa Park


San Diego’s Balboa Park is the nation’s largest urban cultural park. There are plenty of trails, play areas for kids, as well as museums. Street performers line the streets to help give you a real sense of modern renaissance and entertainment.


4. San Diego Zoo


Who doesn’t love a zoo? And San Diego has one of the best zoos in the country. With more than 3,500 animals, it’s easy to get lost in the jungle and enjoy a day with the animals.

Learn more about conservation efforts, and the rare and endangered plants and species that occupy the 100-acre zoo.


5. SeaWorld San Diego


Families flock from far and wide to take in the wonders of SeaWorld. With its mixture of outdoor aquarium and theme park, there are plenty of rides, sights, and attractions for the entire family.


6. San Diego Bay Tours


San Diego Bay is a hub for water-related adventures, so why not take in the harbor and book a tour by boat?

This is a relaxing way to end your day or kickstart a day of exploring. Several different companies offer tours.

North San Diego Bay boat trip 2019 033

7. San Diego Breweries


Brewery tours are always a hit for those ages 21+, and San Diego has its fair share of breweries to wet your whistle. With nearly 200 breweries in the area, there’s probably a fresh beer that you’ve never tried before.

 Rough Draft Brewing Company interior


8. San Diego-La Jolla Underwater Park


This nearly 6,000-acre underwater park contains various habitats such as kelp beds, sand flats, and rocky reefs.

The waves are calm and gentle enough to snorkel below the water’s surface for a day of swimming with sea creatures and exploring the surrounding sea caves.


 9. Mission Bay

Mission Bay is another great locale for water sports.

Not only are there boat rentals, paddle boarding, and other leisure activities, but there are also trails for walking and hiking.

US Navy 081002-N-7643B-200 Service members from veterans hospitals around the U.S. kayak in Mission Bay during a kayaking clinic


10. Annual San Diego Events


Like most major cities, San Diego hosts a variety of one-day and weekend-long events that occur annually. These include things such as the San Diego County Fair, Comic-Con, as well as the Padres Major League Baseball Season.

Even if you’re not attending these events, you may want to plan accordingly because traffic increases and travel accommodations may be scarce.

Petco Park San Diego 01


Which of these items would you like to include on your next trip to San Diego?


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