5 Things to love about Lucerne, Switzerland

5 Things to love about Lucerne, Switzerland

When my daughter and I went to Europe for a Rhine River Cruise, we had the opportunity to go to Lucerne, Switzerland for a day trip. We fell in love with this quintessential Swiss city.

Although there was plenty more to see if we had been able to stay longer, I was grateful for what we did have a chance to see. Here are 5 things that I loved about our visit to Lucerne.



1. Chapel Bridge

This timber footbridge is the most photographed landmark in Lucerne and the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe. It was originally built in 1365. After almost burning down in 1993, it was reconstructed and reopened.

It is a much longer bridge than you can see from the picture above–that is just a section of the bridge. Inside the bridge are paintings that date back to the 17th century.

2. Old Town Squares

Lucerne’s Old Town is stunning because of the fresco paintings on the building facades. There were just so many and they were so detailed that I could have spent hours and hours admiring them.

3. Alpine horns

Although I can’t guarantee that you’ll see these on a trip to Lucerne, we were fortunate enough to be there on a day when a race was being held. Alpine horn players were there to cheer on the runners. It was a memorable treat to hear these giant instruments being played.

4. The Food

Although I eat mostly plant-based food for my health, on my travels I like to try the specialty foods of each destination. There was no way that I was not going to try a Swiss cheese fondue in Switzerland. My daughter and I had a memorable outdoor lunch in one of the Old Town squares and shared some fondue and rösti. 

Some of the other Swiss treats we tried were the Swiss chocolate, Lucerne Lebkuchen (gingerbread cake), and muesli.

5. The Lion Monument

This monument that is carved into the face of a cliff depicts a dying lion. It commemorates the hundreds of Swiss Guards who were killed in 1792 during the French Revolution. It was hewn in 1820-21 and is visited by over a million tourists every year.

And here’s a view of the lion closer up.


Our trip to Lucerne was short but memorable. Are you interested in visiting Lucerne, Switzerland? I can help you visit Lucerne as part of a land-based trip or before or after a Rhine River cruise. Do you have so many travel goals that you don’t know where to start? Why not consider enlisting the services of a professional to help you make these trips happen? Read about how my services work here.

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