5 Things to See and Do in the Dominican Republic

5 Things to See and Do in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a popular destination for American travelers, and for good reason. I’ve been there twice. In 2006, my husband and I spent a week at one of the luxury all-inclusive resorts in Punta Cana. And on New Year’s Day 2022, we visited Puerto Plata on a cruise ship.

Are you interested in traveling to the Dominican Republic? Wondering what there is to do there? Well, there’s a lot more than I can write in one article, but here are five ideas.


1. Beaches and water sports

I might as well start with the obvious: the beaches. I took this picture on January 1. It was a nice break from the cloudy skies and cold weather in Ohio. You can also enjoy all the water sports that you might expect to find at a sunny beach destination: snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, etc.

2. Buggy rides

We enjoyed this so much the first time we were in the Dominican Republic that we decided to do it again when we went back for our recent cruise. Warning: you might get muddy! It all depends on how fast you drive through the puddles. The people in front of us were aiming for “as muddy as possible” and had a fun time doing it. I was a little more conservative with my driving. Everyone in our extended family participated in the buggy excursion and we all enjoyed it.

3. Waterfall swimming and jumping

I haven’t done this activity myself. Yet. But it looks like so much fun for adventurous travelers. It starts with a scenic hike. Then you can slide down a waterslide created by Mother Nature or jump off a waterfall into a crystal clear natural swimming pool. It sounds like some serious fun to me.

4. Dominican Cooking Classes

Many people love to try the local cuisine when traveling. What has become increasingly more popular is learning how to cook that cuisine so that you can continue enjoying it when you go back home. Often, these classes take place in someone’s home. Not only do you get the cooking class, you also get a cultural immersion experience that is likely to be one of the highlights of your trip. Dominican cuisine reflects the mix of cultures that is the Dominican people, with Spanish, African, and Indigenous Caribbean influences.

5. Explore Santo Domingo

Not only is Santo Domingo the capital of the Dominican Republic, but the colonial part of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was the historic first landing spot of Christopher Columbus in 1492, which makes it a must-see for history lovers. The colonial town was founded in 1498. It has claim on many other “firsts” including the first headquarters of the Spaniards, first cathedral, and the first university in the Americas. It is truly impressive.

Is the Dominican Republic on your list of must-visit destinations? Are you looking for a trusted professional to help you achieve your travel goals? I’d love to chat with you and determine if I’m a good fit for you. Contact me.

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