8 Adventurous things to do in Jamaica

8 Adventurous things to do in Jamaica

Jamaica is the third-largest island in the Caribbean and it is jam-packed with fun and interesting things to do.

While Jamaica is known for its beautiful beaches, half of the island is at an elevation of 1000 feet or higher, so it also offers mountainous regions to explore.

Jamaica was the pioneer of the all-inclusive resort concept, so you’ll find lots of those. Another type of accommodation is a rental villa. Many villas come with chefs and laundresses which allow every member of the family to have a relaxing vacation.

But other than relaxing at a resort or villa, what activities can you do in Jamaica? I’m glad you asked because there is a lot!


1. Bamboo rafting

You can enjoy Jamaica’s beautiful scenery on a slow, peaceful ride down a calm river on a bamboo raft. Sip on a cocktail while a captain takes you down the river. Want to see what it’s like? Here’s a virtual tour. I so want to do this the next time I am in Jamaica!


2. Crocodile Safari

Go searching for crocodiles (yes, crocodiles!) on Jamaica’s Black River. In case this makes you worried about the bamboo rafting above, don’t worry–this is a different river!


3. River tubing

Do you prefer a little more adventure on the river? Try floating down the river on a tube. I’ve done this before, but not in Jamaica. It’s definitely an adventure.

4. Swimming in a bioluminescent lagoon

This is one of the coolest things ever. Although I haven’t been to Jamaica’s bioluminescent lagoon, I have experienced this natural phenomenon in Puerto Rico and Costa Rica. Microscopic organisms in the water produce light when you disrupt the water by swimming or splashing. It’s like thousands of tiny fireflies in the water. I couldn’t find a photo to post, but I’m quite confident that no photo would do it justice anyway.


5. Hiking in the Blue Mountains

Looking for a change from water-based activities? Why not hike up into the beautiful Blue Mountains of Jamaica? Not only are they scenic, they are also designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site because they provided refuge for indigenous Tainos fleeing slavery and later for former enslaved peoples (Maroons). The mountains are also a biodiversity hotspot.


6. Horseback riding and swimming in the ocean

Yes, horses can swim! Maybe you’ve been on a horseback ride before, but have you gone swimming with a horse? If I weren’t allergic to horses, I would love to do this unique adventure.


7. Swimming in the Blue Lagoon

It doesn’t get much prettier than this: turquoise waters surrounded by lush green vegetation. The water is a mix of fresh and saltwater. Maybe you’ve seen the 1980 movie with Brooke Shields, The Blue Lagoon. It’s the same lagoon.


8. Climbing Dunn’s River Falls

We visited Jamaica on a cruise several years ago. Climbing Dunn’s River Falls was our choice for a shore excursion. It’s a very popular activity, and can get crowded, but there’s nothing else quite like it.

I clearly remember that my kids LOVED Jamaica. I think it was their favorite port during our cruise. Not only did they have a blast on the excursion, but they absolutely loved how friendly the Jamaicans were.

Are you ready to plan a trip to Jamaica?

Jamaica has lots more to offer and I can help find the perfect mix of activities for you if you entrust your vacation planning to me. I love customizing vacations to my clients’ needs and desires. Read more about how my services work. If you think we might be a good fit for each other, contact me and we’ll schedule a get-to-know-you meeting over Zoom.

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