Hi fellow traveler! My name is Terri Weeks and I love to travel. I left my first career as a mechanical engineer in order to raise my three children. During that time, I began speaking and writing about travel. A friend and I wrote the bestselling guidebook Adventures Around Cincinnati. We’ve spoken to over a hundred groups and have been interviewed on radio and television dozens of times. I’ve also written a blog and contributed to various publications including USA TODAY’s 10Best.com and LongWeekends magazine. My husband Curtis and I took our kids to all 50 states and over a dozen countries while they were growing up. After our nest emptied, I decided to use my experience to help other families. I am passionate about helping others strengthen their relationships through traveling, and I consider travel to be an essential part of a child’s education. As a travel advisor/agent, I can utilize my expertise to advise others on a much more personal level.

My Approach

The name Big Rock Travel was inspired by the classic time management parable about fitting rocks, gravel, and sand into a jar. When you try to put the sand and gravel in first, you can’t fit in all of the big rocks. The lesson learned is that you have to put the big rocks in first, and then the gravel and sand fill in around the big rocks. I apply that philosophy to travel planning. Travel requires time and money, which are limited resources, so it makes sense to be intentional in your planning.

I like to work with people all over the United States who value what travel brings to their lives and consider travel to be one of their big rocks. I’ll take care of the detailed planning to customize a trip for you, allowing you to focus on the other big rocks in your life.

Why work with me?

  • Rather than specializing in a destination or specific type of travel, I specialize in my clients. I get to know your interests and preferences and then use the many resources available to me as a travel professional to plan a trip customized to your unique needs.
  • I plan many different types of trips: air/land packages, cruises, and tours, as well as customized road trip itineraries. I enjoy planning trips to both US and foreign destinations. Whether it’s a family vacation, couple’s getaway, multi-generational gathering, or friend group getaway, I can help you craft a trip to make lasting memories with your loved ones.
  • I can help you develop and execute a long-term master plan to achieve your travel goals.
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