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5 Places to Explore in Mauritius

Are you an island lover looking to explore beyond the Caribbean? Perhaps Mauritius should be on your list. This island country is located just east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. It has some fantastic beaches and views. Read on

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The Maldives: My Trip to an Exotic Paradise

Looking to get away from it all and experience a tropical island paradise? Consider the Maldives. This island nation in the Indian Ocean is made up of over 1,200 islands surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful turquoise waters, white sand beaches, and

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What I loved about Belize

I’ve already written one article about the amazing destination of Belize. I had taken their training and attended a virtual conference focused on the adventurous aspects of the small Central-American country. After that, I was invited to visit a couple

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9 Fun Facts about the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are an idyllic island destination with tranquil turquoise seas and coral sand beaches. They have a very high rate of return visitation and a high standard of living. The three islands each have different vibe, but all

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8 Adventurous things to do in Jamaica

Jamaica is the third-largest island in the Caribbean and it is jam-packed with fun and interesting things to do. While Jamaica is known for its beautiful beaches, half of the island is at an elevation of 1000 feet or higher,

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6 Reasons to love Malta

My husband and I visited Malta on a Mediterranean Cruise back in 2019, just prior to the pandemic. It was a 12-night cruise and we visited a lot of ports. We enjoyed every port that we visited, but one of

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5 Must-Do Experiences in the Maldives

Tucked in a quiet corner of the Indian Ocean is an idyllic chain of islands known as the Maldives. Known for its abundance of luxurious resorts and stunning natural beauty, the Maldives have earned their spot on most traveler’s bucket

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Belize – an adventurous destination

I have been working on finalizing my travel plans for 2022. One of the destinations that I plan to visit is Belize. Belize has been on my radar screen, but after I attended an online conference about adventure travel in

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