Displaying Travel Memories: My Sandcastle Wall

Displaying Travel Memories: My Sandcastle Wall

A while back, I wrote a post about how I displayed my family’s national park memories on a wall in my upstairs hallway. While it looked great, the opposite wall then looked completely empty. It took a little while, but I finally figured out what to do with the other wall. I decided to display our sandcastle memories.


The inspiration came from a clock that I received in an extended family Christmas gift exchange. It featured a photo of one of the sandcastles we had built together on a previous trip.

And that clock is now at the center of the wall. I had kept the National Parks wall a surprise for my youngest daughter Camille. With the sandcastle wall, she knew about it from the beginning and we worked on it together. 🙂

The other thing that excited me about this project is that it finally gave me an opportunity to display our collection of sand. We had been collecting water bottles full of sand from different beaches over the year, which had been sitting inside a box inside a closet. Now, our sand collection has a designated spot.

We bought some jars and arranged the sand from darkest to lightest.

Here’s the entire wall.

Yes, it’s a busy wall, but we just had so many pictures I wanted to display. Unfortunately, this wall doesn’t have an electrical outlet, so I was unable to include an electronic picture frame for new photos like I did on the other wall. I will just have to rotate out some of the pictures from time to time. For that reason, I chose some frames with clips to make it easy to change out the photos.

I used this frame to display some of our earliest sandcastles when the kids were young.

I used the bottom frame below to show pictures of the process of making a sandcastle.

Here’s a different view of the entire wall.

I hope this inspires you to find some creative ways to display your travel memories where you can see them on a regular basis. If you have more than one wall to devote to your displaying your travel memories, it can be fun to have a different theme for each wall.

I am getting ready to add some new sand to our collection and add some new sandcastle pictures. If you follow Big Rock Travel on Instagram, you may have seen some pictures from our recent trip to St. Augustine, Savannah, Hilton Head, and Charleston. We built some sandcastles and collected some more sand.

Can you look at that sand and tell which one was best to work with? Here’s our Tybee Island Sandcastle:

And here’s the Hilton Head sandcastle:

A lot of my friends on Facebook look forward to seeing pictures of our sandcastles, so I decided to create an Instagram profile just for our sandcastles. It’s called Weeks Sandcastles. You can go back and see some of our early sandcastles, all the way up to the most recent.

And whether you build sandcastles or have some other family tradition, I hope you’re now inspired to display your memories in a meaningful way.

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