Gift Ideas for Travelers

Gift Ideas for Travelers

The holidays are almost upon us and many people are looking for ways to delight their loved ones. I’d like to offer some ideas.

The gift of experiences

Rather than give your loved ones material goods, why not consider taking them on a trip? I can help design a trip that is customized to delight everyone in your group. Contact me to get started.

If an entire trip isn’t in the budget, consider treating them to an outing near you. My favorite company to work with is Project Expedition. Other options are Get Your Guide and Viator.

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Travel gear

If you’d rather give a material gift, why not consider a gift of travel gear? Yes, it’s practical, but don’t underestimate the delight that it can provide. I remember when my parents gave each of my kids their own luggage set. I had no idea that kids would find luggage so exciting, but they did. Each of theirs was a different color which made it easy to keep track of. I think it made them feel special to have their own set.

Another gift that delighted them came from their other set of grandparents. My in-laws gave them each their own travel toiletry bag. This is another item that is good to have in different colors for each family member.

The ladies and young ladies in your life might appreciate a travel jewelry organizer. Mine is a different style than this, but if I had to buy one today, I’d pick this one because it is very organized. I bought one for each of my daughters last year and they love them.

My husband really likes using a backpack for his personal item when he flies. I recently bought myself an underseat bag on wheels. With airlines charging for checked luggage and even carry-ons in the overhead bins, it’s important to make the most of the free bag. And having it on wheels just makes life so much easier. I love it. It’s also the perfect size for an overnight trip, even if I’m not flying anywhere.

When I’m standing in a long line of people checking in their luggage, I really wish that everyone would own their own luggage scale and use it before they leave home.

A comfortable travel pillow makes a difference on long flights. I like the memory foam pillows that you can roll up so they take up less space when you aren’t using them.

On my trip to Europe last year, I couldn’t have made it through the day without recharging my phone. This handy recharger that has cables built into it was a lifesaver. Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to take nearly as many photos. And because it holds a lot of charging power, I was able to offer it to another traveler on the same tour whose phone battery had run out, allowing her to take pictures too.

Some hotel rooms just don’t have enough places to plug in all the devices that you want to charge overnight, so a device like this can make your life easier. I bought myself one of these last year and I love it. It’s a whole lot of usefulness packed into a small device.

I personally don’t own a pair of noise-cancelling headphones yet, but I know that some people swear by them.

Recreational gear

Recreational gear that you can use on vacation or while at home also makes a terrific gift. My sister-in-law purchased this sandcastle set for us as a Christmas gift several years ago and it really elevated the level of our carving skills.

For my birthday, my husband and kids got me a Camelbak hydration backpack that I love to use when I’m hiking.

I love gear that can be used for more than one purpose. My family also bought me a hiking pole that can be used as a selfie stick. I couldn’t find that exact one online, but I found 6-in-1 hiking pole that includes not only the selfie attachment, but also a compass and more.

Until recently, I wore my Nikes or other gym shoes when hiking. I decided that it was time to invest in some hiking boots. I got these a couple of months ago and so far I really like them.


Preserving your travel memories

I recently wrote a blog post about one of the ways I display my family’s travel memories. You can read it here. But for the sake of convenience, I’m going to include some of those links here.

My father spent a couple of decades handcrafting beautiful photo frames out of slices of hollow logs. My sister and mother created an Etsy shop to sell them. The prices include free shipping. Please check it out here. These make a unique and special gift for outdoor enthusiasts.

A digital photo frame is also a fantastic gift idea. We gave one to each set of grandparents. They can upload their own photos and we can also upload our photos for them to view. They come in both 10-inch and 15-inch sizes.

I hope you found this list helpful. I’ve recommended only those products I’ve used myself or would consider using in the future.