Kentucky – Dinosaur World

Kentucky – Dinosaur World

It’s Just For Fun week here at Travel 50 States with Kids, and Dinosaur World in Cave City, Kentucky, definitely packs in the fun, but the truth is that they sneak some education into your visit too. I won’t tell your kids if you don’t.


The main attraction at Dinosaur World is the Dinosaur Walk, with 150 life-size dinosaur statues displayed along a walk through the woods.

Signs along the way state facts about each type of dinosaur.

We saw dinosaur types that were familiar to me, like the long-neck Brachiosaurus.


And we saw several types that were unfamiliar to me (but perhaps known to kids who really know their dinosaur facts!).


At a couple of places along the walk, you can see several types of dinosaurs at once. Fun!


If you walk all the way to the end of the trail, you can pose with “Photosaurus,” the really ginormous dinosaur that can be seen from the highway.


Not far from Photosaurus you’ll find the Mammoth Garden.


Don’t miss this fun photo op near the Dinosaur Walk.

Dinosaur World has several other attractions. The Fossil Dig is a scheduled activity which requires a ticket (included with kids’ admission). Dig up as many fossils as you can find in 15 minutes in a giant sandbox, then at the end, pick your three favorites to take home with you.


In the Boneyard, you can excavate a life-size dinosaur skeleton.


Touch and Tell is a fun activity where you reach into a hole and try to identify the type of dinosaur only be feel, not by sight. Lift up the flap to find out if you’re correct.


Do you have a puzzle lover in the family? Check out this dino-sized puzzle.

The Museum holds several different types of dinosaur artifacts.


You’ll see exhibits like fossilized mammoth teeth, dinosaur teeth, claws, bones, and footprints.


Step into the Movie Cave to watch an interesting and educational movie about dinosaurs.


Dinosaur World also offers a playground and picnic area.


Dinosaur World is probably best for dinosaur enthusiasts and kids 10 and under.

Ready to visit?

Dinosaur World
711 Mammoth Cave Road
Cave City, KY 42127
(270) 773-4345

Disclosure: My kids and I received complimentary admission to Dinosaur World so that I could research and write this article. Many thanks to the Bowling Green Area Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Cave City Convention and Tourist Commission for coordinating our trip.

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