Let me help you plan a trip

Let me help you plan a trip

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Since I last posted here, a lot has happened. It’s hard to believe, but my nest is now empty. All three of my kids are at college this year. I talk to them often and am thankful that we have such a strong relationship. I truly believe that our travels together helped forge those bonds.

Now it’s time for the next chapter for me too. I want to contribute to our family’s finances (college is expensive!) while continuing to encourage other families to travel together. I concluded that the best way for me to do that was to become a travel agent. We’ve been to all 50 states and over a dozen countries. It just makes sense to put all that experience to work helping other families.

So, I’m going to dust off this blog and get it started again. At some point, I will do a major redesign of the site, but that will take some time.

My e-book, How to Visit All 50 States in 12 Trips, is still a great place to start. Since I first published it in 2014, over 5,000 people have downloaded a free copy. If you are a do-it-yourself type of person, this might be all you need to plan a fantastic family vacation. But if you want more help, that’s where my services as a travel agent come in.

Three of the 12 trips in my e-book are single-state trips: Alaska, Hawaii, and Florida. These are the types of trips for which people would more likely use a travel agent.

Alaska – Although the Alaska trip in my e-book is a land-based itinerary, many people choose to see Alaska on a cruise. My husband and I did that before we had kids. I can help you if you would like to take a cruise.

Hawaii – Planning a trip to Hawaii can be complicated if you want to visit more than one island. I work with a company that specializes in Hawaii vacation and they’ve really simplified the planning. And they only work with travel agents.

Florida – Most parents want to take their kids to Walt Disney World or other Florida theme parks for vacation at least once. Why do it yourself when you can have someone help you plan it?

The other nine trips are multi-state road trips. You can use those itineraries or I can customize an itinerary for you for a reasonable fee.

While my specialty has been the 50 states, I am able to help you plan a vacation anywhere around the world.

If you are overwhelmed by all the options out there on the internet, then you’re going to love what I can do to help. Just fill out this planning questionnaire and we’ll set up a time to talk. At that time I’ll let you know if I will need to charge a planning fee or not, and then you can decide whether you’d like to move forward.

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