Ohio – Second Edition of Adventures Around Cincinnati

Ohio – Second Edition of Adventures Around Cincinnati

You may have read in my bio that I am one of the authors of a book titled Adventures Around Cincinnati: A Parent’s Guide to Unique and Memorable Places to Explore with your Kids. I am very excited to announce that my co-author, Laura Hoevener, and I have just released a second edition. I’d like to tell you more about it.

Second Edition Cover- lo res

The book has three parts. In Part One, Laura and I discuss creating memories with your family. For us, this isn’t about promoting tourism or entertaining kids. We strongly believe that our travel experiences with our kids are a parenting tool that we use to shape their character, build healthy relationships, and create lasting memories. We tell you the benefits of going on Adventures with your kids and then give you tips for planning your own Adventures. If this sounds interesting to you, but you aren’t planning to be in Cincinnati anytime soon, you might want to check out our ebook Adventures Around You which is basically Part One of our book geared for readers outside of Cincinnati.

Part Two is the largest part of the book and has detailed information about over 120 Adventure ideas within a two-hour drive of downtown Cincinnati. This includes 50 new Adventures that were not in the first edition. The Adventures are organized into four chapters by geographic region. The first is Central Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. This region is a little broader than the downtown area. The second chapter is Greater Cincinnati which includes Adventures within a one-hour drive of downtown Cincinnati. The third chapter covers Adventures in the Dayton area. The fourth chapter contains Adventures that are more than an hour’s drive from Cincinnati, but less than two hours. It is titled A Hop, Skip, and a Jump. One of the things that we felt strongly about when we wrote our book was that we wanted it to have helpful maps. These maps help you see where Adventures are located relative to each other. Here’s the Greater Cincinnati map.

Greater Cincinnati Map

When you read our book, you can rest assured that either or Laura or I (or both of us) have personally visited every Adventure in the book with our kids. We don’t like to write negative reviews, so if we didn’t approve of an adventure, we just left it out.  We also included information that parents need to know–not just the address, hours, and cost, but also age recommendations and whether each Adventure is stroller-friendly. We also include comments about restroom facilities. Here’s a sample page from the book. It’s about Trammel Fossil Park, one of Cincinnati’s hiddem gems.

Trammel Fossil Park listing

Part Three has planning tools to help you make the most out of the information in the book. One of those tools is a table of all the Adventures in the book that categorizes them so that you can easily find the perfect Adventure for your animal-lover, budding history buff, or train enthusiast. You’ll even be able to quickly find the free attractions.

I’ve written about few of the Adventures in the book in this blog also. Would you like to see some of the Adventures included in the book? Check these out:

American Sign Museum
Jungle Jim’s International Market
Kentucky Science Center
Louisville MEGA Cavern
Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory
Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

There are two easy ways to purchase my book if you’re interested: you can buy it from Amazon, or you can buy it directly from us and get a personalized, signed copy. It will be available from other retailers soon.

Thank you for letting me tell you about the book. Cincinnati is an exciting city with much to offer. I’ve lived here almost 20 years and still haven’t seen everything. I hope you’ll consider Cincinnati as one of your travel destinations and order a copy of my book as a resource.

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