Why work with a travel advisor/agent?

I am often asked, “Do travel agents still exist?” After all, most people are capable of booking travel themselves on the internet.

Travel agencies do still exist but have evolved. We call ourselves travel advisors rather than travel agents because we do much more than making reservations. 70% of travel advisors work from home and we work with clients from all over.

  • We listen to you to understand your particular needs and travel style
  • We sort through the multitude of options to find lodging that is just right for you
  • We use our insider connections and knowledge to match you with trusted suppliers
  • We craft a personalized itinerary with the right balance of activity and relaxation for you
  • We are here to help if you should run into any problems while away

How does the process work?

Step 1:  Free consultation (approximately 20 minutes)

Step 2:  Invoice and registration

Step 3:  Planning – we will communicate over email, text, and phone as needed until you approve the itinerary.

Step 4:  Booking – we make all your reservations for you

Step 5:  Pre-departure – we will send your trip documents and put all the information in a really cool app for your phone

Step 6:  Travel –  Have a great trip and contact me if there are any issues.


How much does it cost?

Big Rock Travel is focused on delivering value, not necessarily the lowest price. We work with only those suppliers we trust to take care of our clients. Charging a planning and support fee allows us to work for you, not our suppliers.

Travel Planning and Support Plans

Every trip is unique: they vary in length, number of travelers, and complexity. Some travelers prefer to be more spontaneous; others want to have every detail planned in advance. Based on past clients’ needs, I’ve developed three tiers of travel planning and support with the typical fee I charge. Each trip is quoted individually.

Diamond – Ideal for travelers seeking a custom-designed itinerary that includes multiple destinations and modes of travel, or a highly detailed itinerary for a single destination. Your itinerary is tailored to your travel style, desired pace, and preferences. Travel plans and insider tips are included on a mobile app. Starts at $500 per household per week of travel. Minimum 5 nights of travel and 6 month lead time.

Opal – Ideal for independent-minded travelers who are interested in a single destination, cruise, or escorted tour. Includes consultation and research to match you with the right vacation option. Starts at $250 per household

Granite – Ideal for travelers booking a single trip component who are primarily interested in reservation management support and advocacy. Starts at $50 per household

If you choose the Opal or Diamond Plan, your package includes the Trip Plans app. Everything you need to know is right at your fingertips: background information about your destination, reservation numbers, phone numbers, website links, addresses, links to GPS maps, and electronic vouchers. For clients who choose the Diamond Plan, I also add images, sightseeing tips and advice, links, and attachments–whatever I think will be helpful. Below are some screenshots that show what it looks like. If you’d prefer, you can also view it on your computer or print out a hard copy.

Any questions? Contact me.

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