Why Big Rock Travel?

Read more about me, my values, and what Big Rock Travel is all about.

How does the process work?

Step 1:  Free consultation to determine if we are a good fit for each other (approximately 30 minutes)

Step 2:  Invoice and registration – We will collect all the relevant information from you in the beginning, before I get started planning.

Step 3:  Planning – We will communicate over email, text, and phone as needed until you approve the itinerary.

Step 4:  Booking – We make all your reservations for you.

Step 5:  Pre-departure – we will send your trip documents and put all the information in a really cool app for your phone.

Step 6:  Travel –  Enjoy your trip and contact me if there are any issues.


Why I charge fees for my services

At Big Rock Travel, I am dedicated to offering my clients an exceptional experience that is worth their investment. As a professional, certified travel advisor, I am committed to providing personalized attention and expertise to each client, which requires a significant amount of time and effort.

To ensure that I can devote my time and resources to delivering the highest quality service, I charge a planning and support fee. This fee allows me to focus on working with clients who are committed to partnering with me to plan their ideal travel experiences, rather than spreading myself too thin across a large number of potential clients.

Additionally, I am very selective about the suppliers I work with, as I only partner with those whom I trust to provide the best possible service to my clients. By charging a fee for my services, I can maintain my independence and objectivity, and prioritize the needs and preferences of my clients over those of my suppliers.

Ultimately, my goal is to help each of my clients achieve their travel dreams by providing personalized attention, expertise, and exceptional service. I believe that charging a fee for my services is an essential component of achieving this goal, and I am committed to delivering the highest possible value to every one of my clients.

Travel Planning and Support Plans

Every trip is unique: they vary in length, number of travelers, and complexity. Some travelers prefer to be more spontaneous; others want to have every detail planned in advance. I offer three tiers of bundled services to meet the different needs.


This plan is ideal for travelers seeking a completely custom-designed itinerary that includes multiple destinations and modes of travel, or a highly detailed itinerary for a single destination. With the Diamond Plan, your itinerary is tailored to your travel style, desired pace, and preferences. You will receive your travel plans on a mobile app, which includes images, sightseeing tips, advice, links, and attachments to make your travel experience even better.

 Starts at $500 per household. Minimum $10K investment and 6-month lead time.


This plan is perfect for travelers who are interested in a single destination, a cruise, or an escorted tour. With the Opal Plan, you will receive a consultation and research to match you with the right vacation option. You will receive your travel plans on a mobile app with all the information in one place, right at your fingertips.

Starts at $250 per household.


This plan is ideal for travelers who already know exactly what they want to book and are primarily interested in reservation management support and advocacy. With the Granite Plan, you will never have to wait on hold on the phone with a supplier. We will help ensure that your travel plans run smoothly. 

Starts at $50 per reservation per household.

Both the Diamond and Opal Plans include a customized Trip Plans app, which includes background information about your destination, reservation numbers, phone numbers, website links, addresses, links to GPS maps, and electronic vouchers. The Diamond Plan also includes personalized images, sightseeing tips and advice, links, and attachments to make your travel experience even more enjoyable. You can access the app on your mobile device, view it on your computer, or print out a hard copy.

Below are some screenshots that show what the Trip Plans app looks like.

Any questions? Contact me.

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