The beauty of Bali’s different regions

The beauty of Bali’s different regions

Bali is a tropical paradise in Southeast Asia. It is an Indonesian island located just east of Java with lush landscapes, vibrant culture, turquoise waters and stunning temples. Need a geography refresher? The red pin marks the location of Bali.

Initially, Bali was known as a surfer’s paradise. Now you’ll find tourist areas as well as traditional culture. There are many different ways to experience Bali, and it all depends on what you are looking to get out of your trip.


The Different Areas Of Bali


Different regions of Bali will attract different people. Southern, Central, Eastern, and Western Bali each have their own personalities and appeal.

Southern Bali

The southern coast of Bali is the most popular region for visitors. This area of the island is where you will find hotels, lively nightlife, a water park, and the best bars. Each city on the coast has a slightly different vibe.

  • Canggu – As one of the more laid-back towns of this region, it has the type of “surfer” vibe you would find in places like Venice Beach in California and Bondi Beach in Sydney. This is where digital nomads and entrepreneurs choose to live so that they can enjoy artisan beers and organic restaurants.

  • Seminyak – This town in southern Bali is where you’ll find major resort hotels, high-end villas with private pools, and the hippest beach bars. If you are looking for a modern-day vacation in Southeast Asia, this is the area for you.

  • Jimbaran This town is dotted with white sand beaches and 5-star resorts. This is a great town for kids because many of the beaches in Bali have rough seas and black volcanic sand. This is a great place to go for a family vacation.

  • Uluwatu/Padang Padang – This area is a surfer’s paradise in the center of Southern Bali. These beaches are situated on the Bukit Peninsula, and only experienced surfers should ride the waves here.

  • Nusa Dua – This posh area of Bali is located on the southernmost tip of the island, and the beaches here are considered to be the best in Bali. There are two distinct areas in this part of Bali; the resort area and the town of Tanjung Benoa with its local shops and restaurants.

Central Bali

The central region of Bali is far more than just the geographical center of the island. The central region is also the cultural, historical, and spiritual center of Bali. It is shown in the natural beauty of this region and the ancient traditions that are still carried out to this day. It also offers white water rafting and a monkey forest.

  • Ubud – For decades, this town was a sleepy artist village that was then transformed into its own little metropolis. The rice terraces and mountains of this town form the backdrop and base in which to explore the temples, museums, and heart of Bali.

Eastern Bali

The eastern part of Bali has a down-to-earth atmosphere. It is far more toned down than southern Bali.

  • Tulamben – This region is known for its scuba diving. Just off the coast is the wreckage of the USS Liberty. This town is also the perfect jumping-off point for those who are headed to the Gili Islands.

  • Sanur – This town is the perfect area for family trips. The beach of this mellow town is surrounded by a picturesque coral reef that keeps the waters calmer and shallower. This creates a perfect place for the kids to play.

Western Bali

Western Bali is considered to be the most representative of what “real” Bali is. Most of it is mountains, volcanoes, rice paddies, and tourist-free.

  • Balian Beach – Balian Beach is considered to be more of a “secret spot” in Eastern Bali because not many tourists venture there. This black sand beach offers great surfing and beautiful coves to explore with the kids.

  • Nyanyi – This is a rural area of this section of Bali. The highlights are the UNESCO Heritage Site of Jati Luwih rice terraces, the Tanah Lot Sea Temple, and Mount Batukaru. It is an ideal area for travelers who want to surround themselves with nature and the history of Bali.

Bali is one of those destinations that offers something for everyone – luxurious beach resorts, spas and relaxation, culture, and adventure. A variety of travelers will find Bali a fascinating island to explore.

Bali can also be visited on a cruise. Both expedition and traditional cruises visit the beautiful island of Bali.

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