Things to do in Virginia’s Historic Triangle

Things to do in Virginia’s Historic Triangle

Have you heard of Virginia’s Historic Triangle? It is the region of coastal Virginia that includes Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg, and Yorktown.

I have long believed that travel is an important part of a child’s education. So, when one of my kids proposes a trip based on something they are learning, I usually jump on the opportunity.

Both of my daughters went to college in Virginia (the PEG program at Mary Baldwin University). One year, when my youngest daughter Camille was taking a course on American History, she asked if we could visit Jamestown over her fall break. Of course, I agreed and I proposed that we visit the other cities in Virginia’s Historic Triangle also.

It is an excellent destination for anyone, but especially ideal for anyone interesting in American History. Not only is it bursting with living history, but it also has some purely fun destinations to make it a satisfying family vacation.

Virginia's Historic Triangle


Here is a sampling of the many things you can do in Virginia’s Historic Triangle.

1. Board replicas of the three ships that sailed from England to Jamestown, Virginia in 1607

Virginia's Historic Triangle

2. Explore life-size re-creations of the buildings inside the colonists’ fort at Jamestown Settlement

3. Talk to costumed colonists about their lives at Jamestown

4. Visit a Powhatan tribe village

Things to do in Virginia's Historic Triangle

5. Interact with costumed interpreters about life in the Powhatan village

6. Walk in the footsteps of Captain John Smith, Pocahontas, and the colonists at the site of the actual Jamestown colony

7. View the work of archaeologists at the 1607 James Fort excavations

8. Observe artisans practicing glassmaking, an early industry attempted at Jamestown

Things to do in Virginia's Historic Triangle

9. Stand on the shores of the James River and appreciate the view

10. Visit the 18th-century city of Colonial Williamsburg

11. Tour dozens of original buildings, homes, and shops

12. Explore restored flower and vegetable gardens

13. Talk to 18th-century tradespeople about their work and visit their shops

14. Discuss 18th-century politics with the locals

15. Ride about the colonial city in a horse-drawn carriage

Things to do in Virginia's Historic Triangle

16. Watch the Fife and Drum Corps march and play

17. Converse over 18th-century style hot chocolate at a coffeehouse

Things to do in Virginia's Historic Triangle

18. Visit a Revolutionary War military camp

19. See the site of the Battle of Yorktown that ended the Revolutionary War

When you think about it, it’s remarkable that the places at which British colonial rule began and ended are so close to each other.

While Camille and I had only a long weekend to visit Virginia’s Historic Triangle, we could have easily spent an entire week there. Also, if you add Busch Gardens and Water Country USA to the itinerary, it would make a family vacation that is both educational and recreational.

I would love to help you plan a trip to Virginia’s Historic Triangle. Read about how my planning services work here.

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