Things to see and do in Aruba

Things to see and do in Aruba

Did you know that Aruba has more sunny days than any other Caribbean island? This Dutch Caribbean island is located just outside the hurricane belt which makes it an ideal destination for those looking for a sunny beach.

I wrote this article while researching a cruise for my own family and a family vacation to Aruba for a client. I want to share some of the fun and interesting things you can see and do in Aruba.


Animal Adventures in Aruba

There are a couple of places in Aruba where you can encounter flamingos. How fun is that?

Aruba also offers a bird sanctuary, butterfly farm, donkey sanctuary, ostrich farm, and an exotic animal rescue facility. Animal lovers will LOVE this island.

Stunning landscapes of Aruba

Take a look at some of the dramatic geologic formations you can find in Aruba. Let’s start with these natural bridges.

And look at these rock formations.

After exploring this natural beauty, how about a dip in this natural pool? This one is on my personal list!

Wreck diving in Aruba

Scuba divers, take note. Aruba is the wreck-diving capital of the Caribbean. You can explore a sunken cargo ship, oil tanker, and some airplane wrecks.

Climb a mountain

Hooiberg” is the Dutch word for “haystack,” and that is what the Dutch settlers named the mountain. It’s a popular climb because of the panoramic views from the top. It’s just 541 ft. high, but on a clear day, you can see all the way to Venezuela. I suspect that climbing Hooiberg is something my son would like to do.

Tour an aloe factory and museum

My youngest daughter especially enjoys factory tours. I predicted she would want to visit Aruba’s Aloe Museum and Factory, and I was right. We enjoyed learning how they turn the aloe plant into skincare products.

Do these photos make you want to schedule a trip to Aruba? I would love to help you plan an island getaway or a cruise. Read about how my planning services work here.

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