We did it! Hawaii was my kids’ 50th state!

We did it! Hawaii was my kids’ 50th state!

Hawaii - 50th State

It’s been several months since I’ve posted here and I wanted to give my readers an update. First of all, we accomplished our goal! All five of us have now been to all 50 states. We spent two weeks in Hawaii in June and had a wonderful time.

A brief update about my family: it’s hard to believe, but most of the traveling we’ve done over the last six months has been to visit colleges (with little or no time for sightseeing). My oldest is entering his senior year of high school and is ready to start filling out college applications. As strange as it sounds, my middle child is starting college first. She is entering an early college program this fall. And the little one is in Junior High.

It’s definitely harder to travel during the school year now and several opportunities have come my way to do more writing about our local Cincinnati area. You can find my writing at

USA TODAY’s 10Best.com

Discover Ohio and

Cincinnati USA

I also recently submitted my first magazine article and I’m seeking out more freelance work. I plan to continue to post here, but not at the same frequency as before. I’m sure you understand that with college tuition bills to pay, the paying assignments take priority.

There still seems to be quite a bit of interest in my 50 states e-book.  New people are finding it on Pinterest every day and downloading it. I’ve considered turning it it to a full-length book. If that interests you, let me know.

And, speaking of getting in touch with me, I’ve disabled the comments here. (Too much spam and a spam filter costs money.) Feel free to contact me over at Facebook or by email at terrigweeks at gmail.com.

Happy Travels!

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