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How can I eat WFPB while on vacation?

I’ve been eating a whole-food-plant-based (WFPB) diet since 2015 to reverse Type 2 Diabetes. I became a travel advisor in 2017. So, WFPB travel is a challenge I’ve been dealing with for my entire career. And I travel a lot. Although I am not yet at my ideal weight, I have successfully reduced my A1C to normal levels without diabetes medication.

Although it isn’t easy to find WFPB options while traveling, it’s getting easier. As the WFPB way of eating becomes more mainstream, there is increased demand for healthy plant-based options. And travel suppliers are listening.

So, I’ve decided that it’s time for Big Rock Travel to enter this niche and offer some WFPB vacation options. I intentionally used the word “vacation” instead of “travel” in that last sentence. While it’s possible to eat WFPB while traveling with a lot of preparation, doing a lot of prep work and cooking isn’t really a vacation.

What I really want on a vacation is for someone else to cook delicious, healthy whole-food-plant-based options for me so that I can spend my time exploring and experiencing the destination.

Do you want that too? I’m hoping to offer several group trips a year, as well as some options for individual trips. And if you have a spouse who doesn’t eat this way, I understand completely and plan to address that so both spouses are happy with their options.

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Did you accidentally stumble upon this page and want to learn more about improving your health with a WFPB lifestyle? Here are some great resources:

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