What I loved about Belize

What I loved about Belize

I’ve already written one article about the amazing destination of Belize. I had taken their training and attended a virtual conference focused on the adventurous aspects of the small Central-American country. After that, I was invited to visit a couple of the resorts to personally experience Belize. I brought my daughter Camille with me. So while the first article was written based on my research, this one is based on my personal experiences.

It’s truly a tropical paradise

We stayed in four different resorts, each in a different part of Belize. I was in love within moments of arriving at my first resort. This is what I saw: Flowers everywhere.

Ducks swimming in ponds.

A sign that said Peacock Crossing. A turtle pond. More flowers on my way to my suite.

Hummingbirds right outside my window. A plunge pool on the balcony.

A private, outdoor shower and bed.

Groves of orange trees that you could hike or bike through.

Hanging bridges.

Kayaking on a peaceful river.

Fresh flowers tucked into towels.

Oceanside dining.

Practically empty archaeological sites

We went on a guided tour of Xunantunich, a Mayan ruin in Belize that was very close to the Guatemalan border. Our group consisted of four people and a guide. There were other tour groups at the ruins at the same time as us, but they were spread out so that, at times, it felt like we had the place to ourselves. Check out my photo of my daughter. I didn’t photoshop anyone. That’s how uncrowded it was. It was so peaceful.

The other memorable thing about Xunantunich was that iguanas were just hanging out, seemingly enjoying the view of the ruins.

Nature – in all its glory

Belize has a wealth of flora and fauna. One of my favorite places was a waterfall that we had completely to ourselves. There was an upper fall and a lower fall—one for me and one for Camille. 😉

On one of our tours, we came across some leafcutter ants. They are fascinating to watch.


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And last, but certainly not least was the marine life. One of the island resorts we stayed at had a dock where we watched fish and spotted eagle rays swim at night. I couldn’t believe how many rays we saw.

We did some amazing scuba diving and snorkeling with friendly nurse sharks. Their behavior reminded me of puppy dogs. They greeted us when we descended and stuck close to us the entire time. We even got to pet them.

Design by Terri Weeks

And while the sharks were a highlight, the other sealife was also amazing. The coral formations were so beautiful and colorful. I definitely want to return to Belize for more scuba diving.

Does Belize sound like an ideal destination?

There are parts of Belize that are more crowded and lively, and while that was fun for a couple of days, my favorite parts of the country were the quiet places where we could enjoy nature and adventures. If that sounds like your kind of vacation, let me know. I’d love to craft a Belizean adventure that suits you. Read about my services here and then send me an email.

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