Wisconsin – Racine’s North Beach

Wisconsin – Racine’s North Beach

When you think about beautiful family friendly beach towns, cities in Wisconsin are probably not among the first places to pop into your mind. But keep reading, because perhaps Racine, Wisconsin deserves some consideration. Our most recent visit to North Beach was on a glorious summer day last July. Our approach to the beach was picture perfect. The blue water was beckoning me, but I made my husband pull over so I could get a picture.

North Beach Racine

Up a little closer, you can see that it is a popular summer hangout spot. But it wasn’t always this way. My husband grew up in Racine and said the beach was not very clean or nice when he was growing up. They’ve really done a lot of work to clean up the beach since then.

North Beach Racine 2

Since 2004 Racine’s North Beach has been certified by the Clean Beaches Council as a Blue Wave Beach, an environmental certification for beaches. Look closely at this next picture. If you had to guess what state it was in, I bet you wouldn’t guess Wisconsin. Am I right?

North Beach Racine 3

The beach is great for little kids because the water has a very long shallow section before it gets deep. Parents should note, though, that flotation devices are prohibited.

Shallow waters of North Beach Racine

And the broad, sandy beach is a great place to build a sand castle. If you’ve read much of my blog, you’ve probably read that my kids love to build sand castles. Here’s one they built with their cousins:

Sand castle North Beach Racine

From North Beach, you can see the Wind Point Lighthouse.

Wind Point Lighthouse from North Beach Racine

The beach has a very family friendly feel and there are lifeguards on duty. Pets and alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the beach.

Family friendly North Beach Racine

But further back from the water, you’ll find a slightly different scene. The Beachside Oasis is also a happening place.

Beachside Oasis North Beach Racine

The Beachside Oasis often has live music.

Live music at North Beach Racine

There’s a snack bar with hot and cold treats.

Snack Bar at North Beach Racine

And some adult beverages to wash down your food.

Beer at North Beach Racine

This building also houses restrooms, showers, and changing facilities. The oasis is also surrounded by palm trees.

Palm Trees at North Beach Racine

There are also a couple of sand volleyball courts.

Volleyball at North Beach Racine

If you’ve got young kids, you’ll definitely want to check out the playground.

Kids Cove Playground North Beach Racine

Kids Cove Playground is a community-built playground with a section for 5 to 12-year-olds and a Tot Lot for 2 to 5-year-olds.

Kids Cove Playground 2 North Beach Racine

There are also several swings, including handicap-accessible swings.

Playground swings North Beach Racine

The City of Racine’s website says that North Beach Park also has a nature center and historical exhibit. We didn’t see them and I don’t know where they are located relative to the bathhouse, but we will have to look for them on our next visit.

Ready to Visit?

North Beach Park
1501 Michigan Blvd., Racine, WI 53402

Open for Memorial Day Weekend, then closed until the first weekend in June when it stays open through Labor Day.
Lifeguards on duty daily, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m

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