Wyoming – Teton Pass

Wyoming – Teton Pass

When I started to prepare to write this post, my intention was to write about our excursion into Idaho during our visit to Grand Teton National Park. We drove the Teton Pass Highway over the mountains into Idaho, and along the way, we stopped at Teton Pass. I was going to mention that in my Idaho post, but once I started going through the pictures, I decided that Teton Pass was worthy of its own post.

Teton Pass sits at an elevation of 8431 above sea level and is about 11 miles west of Jackson, WY, and about 5 miles from the Idaho border.  It’s an ideal spot to either snap a few photos or to take a longer hike.

A cute sign just begs you to take a picture of it.

And here’s the view of Jackson Hole from the pass:

Beautiful, isn’t it?  Another informative sign tells a little about the history of the area and has trail information.

We hadn’t planned to stop and hike here, but the gorgeous wildflowers were just calling for us to take a closer look.

So we hiked a short way along the trail and were enveloped by a dazzling display of color.

Perhaps the reason I fell in love with this mountainside is that the color palette closely matched the one I picked for my own backyard:  pink, purple, pale yellow, and white. But my backyard will never look half this good.

What little girl could resist the temptation to pick a pretty bouquet?  Not mine.

And my climber found a tree to climb.

This was a delightful little find, don’t you think?  It was definitely worth a stop.  And the rest of our excursion to Idaho will get its own post.

This attraction appears in my e-book, How to Visit All 50 States in 12 Trips.

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